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One of the biggest road blocks people come up against when they have that winning app idea is not being sure of the next step. This uncertainty is the key reason why many of the best ideas are not even making it to the market. The good news is that you don't need to become a statistic. Mobile applications are the future of everyday communications. If you have a winning idea for a new app, you are already on the road to success. Next, you need to consider how to turn your concept from a great idea to a working app that you and the rest of the online world can access on their smart-devices. Edway App Studio have helped many people just like you with the development and implementation of their often award-winning app ideas. We have the experience and expertise to take you through each stage of design, development, launch and even marketing! And what's more, as a business owner or enterprise, you can utilise any of the fixed or flexible payment options offered by Edway Apps which we can align to your budget. Of course, businesses aren't the only ones who can benefit from our financing options. Ask us about our popular Crowd Funding Services and begin your journey to having your own successful app in the ever-expanding world of digital communication and entertainment. When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on 1300 842 077 or simply use the contact form.


By delivering comprehensive software solutions with cutting-edge technology EdwayApp Studio has obtained a coveted position at GoodFirms.

About the Company

EdwayApps is an Australian based company offering services like software development, cloud computing, web, and mobile app development, and various other services. Since its inception in 2011, the creative and talented team is working in favor of their clients’ business needs and delivering exceptional solutions. Moreover, the team is equipped with every expertise ranging from marketing to legal services.

With various service packages offered, EdwayApps acts as the right partner in handling clients’ projects. Furthermore, the team works with a system approach to managing projects by utilizing their technical expertise and knowledge to deliver solutions in the most advanced way. Intending to provide full support to clients’ projects, the team remains exclusively available from start to completion of the project.

GoodFirms Research Methodology

GoodFirm is an online research and review portal that connects service seekers and companies on one platform. The companies ranked on the list are evaluated on three basic parameters like Quality, Reliability, and Ability. After being assessed on these crucial parameters, the companies are ranked under different categories.

Similarly, GoodFirms evaluated EdwayApps on the same parameters and found the company is delivering the best services to clients across the world. Details regarding the service and offerings are mentioned below;

Result-driven Software Development Services

The EdwayApps team has vision and clarity to build software solutions suited appropriately to the clients’ business needs. The latest tools and technologies utilized by the team helps to develop solutions that can integrate clients’ business needs along with automating processes.

The team mainly focuses on driving performance with knowledge and expertise to help clients win over the market. Blended with peerless performance and proven techniques, the EdwayApps team is always focused on delivering value-added services.

Treating customer’s success as their own, the team has obtained proficiency in delivering custom-made software development services. They ensure state-of-art solutions with proven results that bring value to their clients’ business. As a result of offering solutions with diligence, EdwayApps will be soon ranked as the top software development company in Australia at GoodFirms.

Effortlessly Working with Cloud Computing

Familiar with cloud computing uses, EdwayApps effortlessly offers cloud computing services with its skilled and vibrant team members. The company holds pride in having an expert team of professionals who has clarity about every latest technique and cloud computing solutions that can be integrated.

With a comprehensive approach and collaborative effort, the team pushes their limits for developing the optimum solutions. The team is assembled with vibrant developers and technicians who help clients seize every opportunity available in the marketplace.

Building a safe network of communication, the cloud computing team at EdwayApps has achieved significant success. Thus, for delivering such unusual solutions, the company is placed under the list of cloud companies in Melbourne at GoodFirms.

Bringing Vision into Reality

To serve customers with the most advanced solutions such as mobile app development, the EdwayApps team offers enhanced experience to clients. Right from understanding their clients’ vision that translates into amazing mobile solutions the company builds solutions that could easily connect with the customers.

Moreover, professional teams ensure to offer customized applications that suit business needs. The team ensures that the solutions developed by them always meet clients’ expectations and goals.

Special attention is paid to each client’s specifications and brief to develop a responsive and user-friendly mobile application. Furthermore, the team works completely based on clients’ type of business and their preferences to develop an app. Thus, backed by experts for producing high-quality services, EdwayApps could soon rank as the top mobile app development company in the world at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top Software development, Cloud computing, and Mobile app development Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms' extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation, and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is a staff writer with GoodFirms – a Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company that bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna's current role includes gauging companies’ performances and their key attributes and putting them into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and is always on the lookout for new strategies and ideas that companies have gladly embraced, and then helps them shine a light on those to make their identities shine brighter.


  Edway App Studio offers a complete package of services for successful app development to startups and established businesses with uniqueness, creativity, and more importantly quality. This impressive process opted by the company has paved a path for success amongst the top web development companies in Melbourne listed at GoodFirms.   [caption id="attachment_79751" align="alignright" width="300"] EdwayApps Top Web and Mobile App Development company in Australia[/caption] Overview of the Company EdwayApps headquartered at Australia consists of trained software developers, who are passionate about delivering thriving, different, creative and quality built software and technical projects to the clients enabling them to launch the web and mobile apps successfully. The company's main focus is only to make clients happy and satisfied. EdwayApps is a renowned company in pursuing dedicated consultancy aids for software enterprises, delivering websites and mobile applications development. The company empowers small to large businesses by developing and blending agile yet scalable systems successfully. GoodFirms’ Research Methodology GoodFirms conducts an evaluation process for all its enrolled companies. In this process, the companies which are collaborated with GoodFirms are lined up based on three important criteria which are Quality, Reliability, & Ability. After the evaluation, the registered company receives scores, in which it gets an overall rating in its respective categories. GoodFirms also assessed services rendered by the Edway App Studio like web development, Mobile app development, and BlochChain services. The following is the debrief about the assessment of Edway App Studio - Web Development Services: Edway App Studio delivers comprehensive web solutions by using cutting edge tools and technologies matching the requirements of the client businesses. The use of modern technicalities by the in-house team of Edway enables them to automate the business processes, to increase collaboration, and improve efficiency to render the real ROI of the clients’ businesses. This quality approach adopted by the expert web developers enables the company to lead it amongst the top web development companies in Melbourne listed at GoodFirms. Moreover, the dynamic team at Edway delivers value to the clients in every corner of the world by offering them website applications along with the intelligent suggestions which make their website stand out uniquely on the online portal.   Mobile App Development Services: Edway App Studio is not just pioneering in web development services, but have achieved success in delivering successful mobile app solutions to the clients worldwide. The developers at the company are fast at developing flawless apps to the clients of various verticals. The expert developers cater to the clients' various apps like native Android & iOS apps for all supporting devices. The team performs a thorough process before developing the project like brainstorming the idea and taking the suggestions from the client as and when required, researching, executing, testing and maintenance of the apps. Due to its structured process, GoodFirms’ research team believes that the company will soon lead globally as one of the best app development companies listed at GoodFirms. BlockChain Development Services: Edway offers various services under the umbrella of BlockChain ranging from token design and smart contract to funding framework, platform hosting, and landing page layout.  The team at Edway have gained tremendous expertise in the field of blockchain development by developing and delivering customized blockchain applications to various businesses. The dedication of the team to serve the client to make them satisfied is commendable. Hence, the research team at GoodFirms soon expects to list the Edway App Studio among the top BlockChain development companies in Australia at GoodFirms. About GoodFirms Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews company that helps in finding web development, mobile app development and BlockChain development companies rendering best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. About the Author Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers her to shape every company’s performance and critical attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.


Many consider small businesses the backbone of the Australian economy, and with the new concessions outlined throughout last year's Federal Budget, that idea is only expected to grow. The recent votes of confidence, newly added incentives, commitment to tech start-ups, tax breaks and small business loans have made 2017 the year for growth. Employers have a lot to look forward to this year, and those thinking of starting up have chosen a good year to do it.

Positive Outlook

Confidence in small and medium businesses (SMB) is currently at a record high according to the recent Sensis Business Index (SBI) survey conducted in January, showing an eight point rise to 46 on the SBI. Consisting of 1000 SMBs throughout the country, 61% claim to be feeling confident, while 15% per cent are worried. With the recent reforms and concessions outlined in the Budget, many businesses will find access to more benefits than they had in previous years. "Perceptions of the economy are now in positive territory for both the short and long term projections and this points to a strong year ahead," Sensis CEO John Allan had to say.

Tax Breaks

From June 1, 2016, businesses with an annual turnover between $2 million and $10 million are now recognised as a small business entity. This reform entitles them to the company tax rate of 27.5 per cent, as well as a tax reduction of 2.5 per cent. Roughly 870,000 businesses are expecting savings of $295 million by the end of this financial year. The turnover threshold for unincorporated small business has also been increased from $2 million to less than $5 million, including a further tax reduction of 8 per cent. Australia plans to increase this to 16 per cent in steps until 2026-2027. Tax breaks leave employers with much more money that can be spent to improve their growth for the years to come.

Instant Asset Threshold

The Budget also introduced access to instant assets for equipment valued at $20,000 for businesses falling into the $10 million threshold. Employers are free to buy utes, vans, furniture, coffee machines, tools and anything else that their business may require. Ending June 30, employers only have a few more months to take advantage of this perk. According to Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer, small businesses have made $800 million worth of claims since it was introduced July of 2016.

Managing Finances

Small and medium business throughout Australia are taking advantage of better lending conditions, with the number of marketplace lenders and fintech providers on the rise. Reducing the reliance on banks, marketplace lenders can be more flexible in their assessment giving businesses access to investors who are willing to lend to them directly. "Marketplace lending addresses the concerns small business has with banks, and the needs for investors for stable fixed-income returns. Sophisticated investors are empowered to take control of their own portfolios, choose the risks they are willing to take, and effectively be the bank." - Anthill Magazine There is more good news for Australian small and medium businesses, with the Turnbull Government focussing on legislating a tax cut for businesses, which will be capped at $10 million. The government's 10-year enterprise tax plan, which includes reducing company tax from 30% to 25% will go to a Senate vote in March.


New incentives have made 120,000 intern positions available throughout the next four years. These placements will last 4 to 12 weeks with the intern working 15 to 25 hours each week. Employers taking job seekers for a position will receive an upfront payment of $1000, with the option to offer ongoing employment at the end of their contract. On April 1, Youth Jobs PaTH will be introduced to young job seekers. This programme plans to train young people to effectively prepare them for potential positions. Employers will be free to hire well trained, young employees without the cost and risks associated with unproven crew members. These incentives allow small businesses new workers at the cheapest cost.

Investment in Tech Start-ups

The Australian Government has also devoted $1.1 billion to the National Innovation and Science Agenda. The goal is to commercialise and increase private investment. Tax concessions for early stage investors have also been introduced to support investment in these firms. Scott Morrison has come out in support of financial technology (FinTech), stating that it could transform our economy. "As Treasurer I want to help create an environment for Australia's FinTech sector where it can be both internationally competitive and play a central role in aiding the positive transformation of our economy," he said in a recent report. Technology start-ups are gaining popularity in the Australian economy, making it a great time to jump aboard. The Australian Federal Government put a lot of their eggs into small businesses as shown through the release of the Budget last year. The economy is in a great state at the moment, and surveys show that tax breaks, concessions, and new incentives have instilled a great level of confidence into small business owners. About the Author Charles Baily writes about small business and the Australian start-up scene from personal experience. You can connect with Charles on Twitter if you would like to gain more insights. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE for your tech project development needs on 1300 842 077 or simply use the contact form. Check our clients review on our Facebook page.


We are continuing the discussion with the general information and overview on the Meduza Artificial Intelligence Solution we are developing. We understand that we are not disclosing any technical information as yet. However, we are providing various interesting aspects on the real-life issues we will be solving with our invention - Meduza AI. Previous post on Meduza AI available here.

Current Development Stage

Basic Feasibility

We have developed a basic feasibility study and documented the commercial project concept with the detailed execution based on the findings, before 20th November 2016.

Commercial Feasibility

Currently, we are working on the commercial feasibility study that will progress into the full-scale commercial platform development. We are very confident in our Meduza AI system solution and have a very clear development path with the detailed execution plan. We have used our solution to apply for the 3 separate BRII initiative (Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) | and have already received a favourable response from them. With the basic Feasibility Study completed with enough detail to submit credible technical information for fore-mentioned BRII Initiative, we have now started developing a commercial feasibility system level to allow us to prove concept within the commercial environments.

Different Approach

Unlike the systems based on top of a primitive data layer, our eloquent database & application solution does not limit users to the original pre-existing databases, but in fact, extends the capabilities far beyond conventional 'search and find' features. Our system actively utilises the next generation of technology that can be customised as per the user's need. This then can be applied to a variety of communication and data filtering methodologies that lead to effective contextual system utilisation and performance of daily tasks across many departments in various domains. Ultimately, our Meduza system self-adopts both structured and unstructured data and then validates it based on new knowledge acquired. Our unique approach in this endeavour has led us to redesign and redefine lower level objects and parameters in order to distinguish our database and make it more efficient. Our solution can easily plug into a multitude of different existing database formats, including publicly available data and information which needs to be digitally recognised and restructured to work within a certain objective. This ensures the intelligent development of an improved system structure by determining a dynamic hierarchy to define the information received. Our solution has the additional benefit of being able to be implemented without any disruption to the existing systems.

Real life Examples

The practical applications of our system are numerous and many. To illustrate this, let's take the example of a student trying to write a paper on a new subject.

Before the student can begin writing his actual paper, he first needs to source relevant, accurate and up-to-date information that he can use to draw up a solid base for his assignment. To accomplish this, he goes to the library to research key points. He might spend a few hours running Google searches and making notes. He spends time reading journals or studies related to the topic, possibly sourcing statistics, analysing them and then drawing possible conclusion(s) from them. This planning stage could take him weeks before he finally has all the resources he needs to complete the project. Now imagine, if instead of the weeks of research, he was able to jump straight to having all the resources he may require at his fingertips. Imagine that the information was already contextualised, pre-validated, and the most credible topics presented along with key points for each one presented for the student to begin writing the paper straight away. In such situation, he would be able to complete his assignment quickly, with the most accurate and up to date information in the field, and move along to the next task faster.

Now imagine that instead of a student writing a paper, it was a large-scale organisation.

This can be a Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Company with the R&D initiative or Government Organisation, or even Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Company analysing large internal company gathered information or researching external data for the same matter. It could even be a Cyber Security Organisation, and the amount of cost and resources it takes to constantly analysing reported threats, going through complaints, analysing security extortions and then inventing patches and safeguards to prevent the threat from spreading is time-consuming, costly, and takes a lot of resources before they can even move to the "fixing it" stage. Now instead of having to go through the whole ordeal, what if all the information they needed was being collected in real time, and the division was able to be proactive rather than reactive - which is currently the case with the Government Agencies – allowing them to respond to threats before the users even knew there was a problem. Additionally, what if this system had a comprehensive knowledge of old and current malware and viruses and the best ways that they have been dealt with in the past. Such system would be able to learn and become more efficient as it expands its functionality based on constantly self-updating procedures. Its new-sophisticated functionality would utilise validation processes for the new information and be able to automate some instances, including the ability to recognise external data as well as pre-established internal organisational resources with continuously improving solutions that will be presented in a timely manner. and Merry Christmas from EdwayApps! [caption id="attachment_79149" align="aligncenter" width="383"][/caption] Stay tuned for more news on our Meduza AI!


ProFreightQuote is an ingenious one-stop solution that provides instant and competitive sea and air cargo quotes, as well as offering superior additional tools for logistic professionals, shippers and forwarders. ProFreightQuote is a free service to the both customers and freight service providers. We have also connected FedEx, UPS, AustPost APIs services to provide instant quotes comparison and this will be expanded to many more worldwide freight and logistic companies. You can choose to send Container loads – FCL (Full Container LCL (Less than Container Load). ProFreightQuote was designed and developed by EdwayApps, and is built on a web platform optimised for mobile devices, as well as an additional intuitive PhoneGap Android and iOS applications complete with push notifications to enable easier communication practically from anywhere and on the go. How it works:

  • Complete a single form to enquire for the goods you would like to ship, relocate or deliver;
  • Receive bids from freight companies and forwarders that are custom picked to match your preferences;
  • Accept best offer from the provided quote received via an email or as a push notification via Android or iOS apps. You may also choose to create the account and manage all the quotes from the own customised portal;
  • Once you chose the preferable shipping or air freight provider, you can send your goods
Pro Freight Quote features real time quotes from multiple service providers from specified geographical regions. Quotes can be filtered by price or transit times to ensure you get the best possible service for money. It even allows you to start making deals with your favoured forwarder, courier or shipping line! Available now iOS and Andriod Apps available soon! We have designed and built the ProFreightQuote web platform for the client with the advanced tools that provides International Logistics Professionals and Clients who seek to compare the Sea and Air Cargo quotes in easy and straight forward manner:
  • We have developed a simple volumetric calculator (IATA) for quick volumetric weight conversion for smaller shipments, as well a more comprehensive version for larger loads which require multiple complex parameters;
  • We have also built in a detailed reference feature of specific container specifications for both sea and air versions to determine the right shipping container size for the cargo;
  • Our sophisticated incoterms options are presented and evaluated to determine which terms are applicable to specific commercial arrangements;
  • Our development team have built in real-time ocean schedules, consisting of a comprehensive global ocean schedule list for multiple destinations;
  • We have included useful references to customs and quarantine regulations that may apply to various shipments;
  • Another handy feature we have included in our ProFreqightQuote project is the ability to easily reference Tariff Classification of Goods (AHECC) to classify cargo correctly for customs purposes, as well as a customs duty rates and calculator to determine whether goods are dutiable and applicable tariff rate;
  • We have developed a customised tracking solution for shipments;
  • We even have a comprehensive in-built document template resource for rules and documents.
If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on 1300 842 077 or simply use the contact form. When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project.


Packaging is an interesting area to work in, with many different ideas on the best way to present similar market goods as a completely new product that consumers just can't live without. We are currently working on a packaging design concept for our overseas client based in Far East Russia. They require us to be creative - possibly utilising a minimalistic approach or 3D effect artwork - or any other approach we feel suitable to achieve this objective. Our initial research into similar campaigns have led us to Gibbs who has done a great work with the categorising various packaging design styles into six main types:

  • Luxe: "Luxurious, elegant, lavish, opulent and refined. Packaging that demands a premium.";
  • Bold: "Bright, colourful, and eye-catching. Packaging design that stands out and makes a statement.";
  • Charming: "Playful, fun, clever, and cheerful. Packaging that makes you smile.";
  • Casual: "Practical and straightforward. Packaging that you see in everyday life.";
  • Nostalgic: "Vintage, classic, retro, antique, old-fashioned, and reminiscent. Packaging that reminds you of another time.";
  • Crisp: "Clean, contemporary, geometric, simple. sleek, stylish, tidy. This section is about packaging that really lives up to the old adage 'less is more.'"
Dobryna (Добрыня) is an established company that produces a large range of fresh dried meat and features flavours such as cow, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, horse and deer. As part of our collaboration with them, we are also required to prepare the packaging artwork for both Russian and English Languages. Dobrynya identifies themselves as Premium product range that pays attention to the quality of the ingredients used. They also distinguish themselves as an 'honest' producer – meaning they don't want to utilise obtuse marketing schemes misrepresenting the quantity of their product in the package. Dobrynya is proud that their portion sizes are genuinely larger when compared to the other competitor products. Current packaging design used by the client that we have to improve: dobrynya-portfolio-developed-by-edwayapps-in-sydney-melbourne-australia The main characteristics of the package used for intermediate design used on the package are as follows:
  • As a translation, this product can be described as Fresh Dried Meat Pieces. Can be similar to Basturma, produced in Europe;
  • An important message to be portrayed is that the product is "filling and tasty";
  • Another message to portray is that it is the perfect accompaniment for road trips or weekend holidays;
  • Must show the name of the company – Dobrynya;
  • Must advertise that it is a New product or taste;
  • Ingredients: Beef, salt, spices (includes paprika, white pepper, thyme).
Our intermediate version designed by EdwayApps to further identify our clients taste for the final Packaging Design are displayed below. These designs are currently with our client for their consideration. We will post further progress in due course. Feel free to enquire with us at or call us on 1300 842 077 to discuss artworks for your business or products. We are proficient with logos, packaging designs and other artworks your business venture may require, including UI and UX graphic design for web and mobile apps. When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project.


Easily create and maintain your CV infographic with our new easy to use PinUpp application made for iPhone and Android. Our unique application allows you to present the key features of your work history in an easy to navigate and intuitive interface, giving you a definitive advantage over the competition. By simply selecting the share / sharing option, you can generate and email your CV infographic to a prospective employer in an instant. And, being forefront in superior design, it doesn't take long for your potential employer to locate the relevant information – a factor that busy employers can appreciate when dealing with a mass of applications and other demands on their precious time. Edway Media Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the development of a range of software solutions, including web and mobile software apps and database management systems. The aim of this project was the development of a natively coded mobile app for Android and iOS supported devices. The client chose to utilize the parse as the backend and subsequently chose to migrate to back4app The app integrated with the Social Media Logins (LinkedIn and Facebook) to enable easy registration and pre-fill users profile based on the data sourced from social media account. PinUpp synchronises easily between the iPhone and Android platforms. When we finished the client's pre-launch requirements list, our client planned an initial marketing campaign to obtain actual market feedback. While this market research is taking place, we were asked to plan further works for the Stage 2. As PinUpp allows users to create multiple profiles and share the infographics CV profiles. We have proposed that the mobile app may also be found useful for sports-people to maintain the professional profile as additional to a LinkedIn detailed profile with the deep focus on the social aspects within the business community. PinUpp mobile app users may be actors, guitarists, athletes or more. In fact, PinuUpp has the ability to create an infographic or anything that you may wish to present. You can express an abundance of relevant information in a quick single page infographic style. Simply choose templates that the best express your profile information. The key functional requirements of the PinUpp app project:

  • Integration with social media, including the capability of inviting friends on these platforms to join app. Connect 3rd Party backend and then migrate to another preferable provider. The paid push notifications and possible ads as early monetisation. The app comes in free and extensive functionality mode for US$0.99;
  • Encryption and security of user personal data;
  • User-Interface with scalable capabilities and maintainable security settings;
  • The capability of detecting errors and logging of non-recognisable communication.
  • Additional features:
    • Create up to 5 PinUpp profiles per job applications for yourself, or perhaps help out friends and younger family members by creating a simple PinUpp profile for their summer job.
    • Change titles, logos and share your cool PinUpp profile on social media and get the word out there.
    • Create PinUpps on the go! Need to send out a spur of the moment snapshot of your experience for a job application or networking opportunity? Just send a PinUpp.
    • Are you captain a sports team? Create a PinUpp profile for your team to provide a snapshot of your team members.
    • Dropping off your child in daycare? Prepare a PinUpp profile that provides a snapshot of what your kid likes, emergency contact details, favourite cartoon characters, their favourite bedtime stories … the applications are endless!
    Download PinUpp and start generating your infographic profiles and share it across your social networks. The new exciting revolution for showcasing your skills is here. Available on iPhone And on Android Author's Bio: is your reliable service provider for Software, Web and Mobile Applications Design and Development needs. If you want to know more about the mobile apps development, book a free consultation on 1300 842 077 or simply use the contact form. When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project.


The availability of high end smart phones and tablets at affordable prices has resulted in the widespread use of smart phones as the primary device in performing most of your tasks on the go. The increased flexibility of cloud computing and high-speed internet has enabled users to make the most out of these indispensable assets. With this continuing trend, mobile applications are playing an increasingly vital role in completing normal everyday tasks. A mobile application can be of any genre, whether a game, for entertainment, marketing, research, etc., however the key feature on its success depends on how it looks and performs on the platform, device and most importantly if it meets user expectations. A number of factors come into play when a user chooses to use a desired app, starting from its user-friendliness, compatibility, and speed in comparison to other features, cross-platform support and bug free programming. If you are looking to develop a mobile application with any app development company in Melbourne, you should always preview their portfolio to assess the kind of apps they have worked on, their client testimonials - and most importantly - their ability to provide you with a personal service through-out the entire app development stage rather than just treat you as another client file in their records. Furthermore, if you are looking to develop an app from scratch or perform a redesign with an app development company, it would be advantageous for the app development company have a strong background in the following key aspects of mobile application design and implementation: Application Migration: An app development company that has prior experience converting a desktop application to a mobile app would have an added advantage as in this scenario many users would be shifting from computers to mobile devices and having an app development company with this experience would make the transition seemless. Multiple Platform Migration: Be it ipad/iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone with their respective OS, brands or models – a development company with this experience of changing over from one platform to another is always preferable. Application Redesign: When doing a re-design, select an app development company that can advise you of the key redesign features in an app rather than just blindly doing the changes of the first draft. The feedback from the app development company would show that they are keep to get a design where your users can comfortably manage content and keep it cost effective for you as well. User Interface Design: UX/UI is critical with a mobile app. When select an app development company go through their port-folio and look at their previous work. A user-friendly and interactive app that does a task with simple steps will keep user coming back to it and recommend it around. An app development company that places prominence on user interface that is compatible with numerous platforms will make it easier to reach more users. Quality Assurance: The quality of an app is necessary for it to function properly and be accepted. A conscientious developer will carry out frequent and rigorous testing, resolve problems, (if any) before its launch for good quality assurance. A glitch free product would have to be checked for its functionality, integration, system, usability, navigation and any other potential issues before it hits the market. Always look out for the quality aspects of an app development company and their internal processes they have in place to adhere to quality. Application from such an app development company, that have the right internal quality procedures and the right skills, experience and expertise on various platforms, devices and versions would certainly add a lot of value to your product and could be the factor that gets your app to the top of the list. Want to know more about web apps and mobile apps development CALL US AT 1300 842 077, EdwayApps. You can also contact us in person. We have our offices at: Level 1, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 VIC; or, Level 1, 100 William Street, Sydney 2000 NSW.


In today's fast paced world, the time to execute an idea is short and this is simply because of the competition out there. Business organisations are unable to investigate all potential avenues to keep their product one step ahead of the competition. Most of them are looking for the smartest way to eliminate this problem. Everyone is on the lookout for the next big innovative solution to make that vital advancement that can boost their business. Smart phones are all the rage now and making a mobile application can consequently bring up a wide range of opportunities e.g. e-commerce, social marketing etc. Believe it or not, there are many ways to get the word out there and to get an edge over your competition. A good partnership with an App Development Company will help you: More Exposure to your Potential Customer This point is more about the wide platform the mobile app developer creates for its customers, as it will help to reach most people. As it is well known Smart phones are quite expensive, hence perhaps another avenue is to develop applications that can target people who are interested in using some other type of mobile devices. The right app developers from Melbourne are quite tech savvy and can find you innovative solutions to make your services and products beat the competition in the market. Earmark your Brand's Entity It is obvious that a customer's mind is completely jammed with the huge number of brands available on the market. This sometimes creates confusion in their mind as to which one to choose. So, one of the best way to create your brand identity is to develop a unique idea and this can be discussed with the app developer and make an application which looks and feels completely unique. An experienced innovative developer can turn your idea into an exceptional app. Improvised Customer Relationship If you are wanting to create a good impression of your business or improve your existing customer's interest, then it's the right time to give them something extra. Create an app where the customers are in control. Giving the customers the ability to customise functionalities in the app, will increase your customer's app usage time which in turn will lead to more business. Possibility to go Viral It is very difficult to make a stand in the market today unless and until you have any new marketing campaign. An application or an idea can go viral if it gets accepted, shared and liked by lots of people. This is where social marketing comes in. An app with the right built-in widgets that make it seamless with the mass media will gain traction and could prove the differentiating factor for your business. The above mentioned ways are just a few of the app strategies you could adopt to improve your business image online. If you are an organisation aiming to keep ahead in the social market place, think about creating an app that could be the game changer. There are many App Development Companies from Melbourne, however make sure you choose a reputable one that shares the same passion as you and always looking to develop something different from the main stream. That's what will make you completely unique. All the best. Want to know more about web apps and mobile apps development CALL US AT 1300 842 077, EdwayApps. You can also contact us in person. We have our offices at: Level 1, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 VIC; or, Level 1, 100 William Street, Sydney 2000 NSW.



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