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Choosing an app development company in Melbourne

The availability of high-end smartphones and tablets at affordable prices has resulted in the widespread use of smartphones as the primary device in performing most of your tasks on the go.

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PinUpp for iPhone and Android

Easily create and maintain your CV infographic with our new easy to use PinUpp application made for iPhone and Android. Our unique application allows you to present the key features of your work history in an easy to navigate and intuitive interface

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IPS Provides Premium Packaging Design for Dobrynya

Packaging is an interesting area to work in, with many different ideas on the best way to present similar market goods as a completely new product that consumers just can't live without.

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ProFreightQuote – Web & Smartphone Applications for iOS and Android

ProFreightQuote is an ingenious one-stop solution that provides instant and competitive sea and air cargo quotes, as well as offering superior additional tools for logistic professionals, shippers and forwarders.

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How Important is Small Business for Australia’s Economy?

Many consider small businesses the backbone of the Australian economy, and with the new concessions outlined throughout last year's Federal Budget, that idea is only expected to grow.

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Preparing an App Development strategy for your Mobile Apps

One of the biggest road blocks people come up against when they have that winning app idea is not being sure of the next step. This uncertainty is the key reason why many of the best ideas are not even making it to the market.

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IPS Has Grabbed GoodFirms’ Attention by Applying Global Tactics & Valuing Specificity in Web Services

IPS offers a complete package of services for successful app development to startups and established businesses with uniqueness, creativity, and more importantly quality.

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Resilience and Innovation Can Soon Make IPS to Rank as the Best Software Development Company at GoodFirms

By delivering comprehensive software solutions with cutting-edge technology IPS has obtained a coveted position at GoodFirms.

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